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Why travel to NYC for spine surgery with Dr. Jonathan Stieber

Dr. Stieber is one of the nation’s top minimally invasive spine surgeons. He is capable of treating the full range of complex and common spinal disorders and deformities. In addition to delivering safe and highly effective care, he is a compassionate and soothing presence for our patients. He personally ensures that every patient feels comfortable and taken care of throughout their experience with our office.

Medical Tourism, OrthoManhattan

Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience assisting out-of-town patients with their travel arrangements. We will work closely with you to coordinate all components of your visit, including transportation, hotel accommodations, and hospital appointments.

Your Travel Experience

We invite you to contact our New York office today to begin planning your visit. Your travel experience will begin with a member of our team scheduling a virtual consultation with Dr. Stieber. During that meeting, Dr. Stieber will discuss your condition and treatment options with you, before composing a treatment plan that is best suited to your needs.

Medical Tourism, OrthoManhattan

If spine surgery is required, our staff will work closely with you to coordinate your transportation and hotel reservations. Patients will stay and recover at one of the many four- and five-star hotels in the area. Your personal patient liaison will be your point of contact throughout the scheduling process.

Your spine surgery will be performed at the nationally ranked NYU Langone Medical Center or Dr. Stieber’s private surgery center. Once you are discharged from the hospital, our team will continue to schedule follow-up appointments on your behalf. Upon returning home, Dr. Stieber will be available in person and via video conference to assist in your future care. We develop an ongoing plan suited to your needs, so that you may continue to lead a healthy and pain-free life after spine surgery.

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