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The Medtronic PRESTIGE® LP Cervical Disc System is a novel treatment option for cervical spine disorders, neck pain and related problems. Typically addressed with spinal fusion, or ACDF, which results in limited mobility, the PRESTIGE cervical disc system preserves mobility and allows for the motion of a natural disc, including flexion, extension, side bending and rotating.

Medtronic Prestige LP

An ACDF Alternative

Spinal discs provide the cushion between vertebrae. When afflicted by injury, disease or age-related deterioration, these discs can lose their water content and their normal height, narrowing the space between vertebrae and bringing them closer together, resulting in pressed nerves. This condition can generate chronic or excruciating pain as well as pain and tingling that radiates to the extremities and can ultimately be debilitating. A cervical disc herniation can also compress the spinal cord or nerves resulting in neurologic compromise.

Among the corrective surgical treatment options available are spinal fusion (ACDF) and cervical artificial disc replacement. The former is the more common, however, as it permanently connects two or more vertebrae, it necessarily results in decreased motion and mobility. The latter involves replacing the cervical disc between vertebrae with a cutting-edge titanium implant that mimics the form and function of a natural cervical disc, such as the Medtronic PRESTIGE® LP Cervical Disc System.

The PRESTIGE LP Cervical Disc is composed of two separate pieces of titanium connected together with a pivoting joint that allows them to maintain a range of motion, while filling in for the diseased or degenerated disc that required removal.

Medtronic Prestige LP


The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Patients will lie on their back and the neck area will be cleaned and a sterile sheet will be placed around it. An incision, typically an inch or so long, will be made in the front of the neck to serve as an access point to the spine. Special surgical instruments are then used to remove the damaged or diseased disc, and the PRESTIGE LP artificial cervical disc will be put in its place. The incision will then be sealed with a plastic surgery-type closure.


Cervical disc replacement is a common surgery and is generally performed as an outpatient procedure, followed by a period of rest and rehabilitation. Most patients benefit from wearing a collar for two weeks following the procedure. Our dedicated spine team will carefully walk you through our postoperative care instructions.

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