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What is an Endoscopic Discectomy?

Endoscopic discectomy is an outpatient minimally invasive spine surgery performed to treat disc problems that cause back and leg pain. A unique feature of this technique is the technology used to access the spine; through a keyhole incision, surgery is performed using an endoscope.

An endoscope is a flexible or stiff tube with a tiny camera at the end. The endoscope delivers the surgeon an excellent view of the disc and related structures. The enhanced view allows the surgeon to select the part of the disc to be removed. Instead of cutting through tissues (eg, muscle) to access the spine, dilation tubes gently separate soft tissue and are graduated in size to enlarge the operative field. Dr. Stieber's New York discectomy is second to none. Contact the office today to schedule your appointment.

About the Endoscopic Discectomy Procedure

Dr. Stieber's NYC discectomy is performed under local and/or epidural anesthesia; the patient is awake during the surgery. The back area is cleansed and prepared for surgery. A small needle is inserted into the disc guided by fluoroscopy; a type of x-ray used during surgery. A tiny skin incision is made and the dilation tube is slipped into place followed by the endoscope.

Special miniature-sized instruments (eg, forceps, cutters) are advanced through the tube. A laser probe removes only the damaged disc part and binds the disc wall (anulus fibrosus). The laser also reduces (shrinks) the size of the disc to decompress nerve roots. The procedure takes about 30-minutes to one-hour per disc. The incision is dressed with a small bandage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The Surgery Take?

Discectomy requires about 30 minutes to an hour per herniated disc that is addressed surgically.

What's The Recovery Time After This Surgery?

You will be discharged the same day as your surgery. The total recovery time is far shorter than traditional spine surgery, with an average for one to three weeks, based upon your individual healing time, age, and overall health.

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