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The human spine has specific normal curves. The curves in our lower back give a slight arch and position the body’s weight above the pelvis and hips allowing us to move in balance and stand. Certain people, however, can lose their normal spinal alignment due to irregular curvature of the spine. This is not due to poor posture and unfortunately, these curves can’t be corrected by standing up straight.

Scoliosis is the condition of side-to-side spinal curvature. When you look at an X-Ray, spines with scoliosis look more like a “C” or an “S” rather than a straight line. The body’s overall balance can also be affected since the head or trunk is shifted either to the side or forward in front of the hips..

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What Are My Treatment Options for Scoliosis?

Not all patients with scoliosis in NYC need surgery. For younger patients, brace scoliosis treatment may be recommended since they are not yet skeletally mature (still growing). However, not taking into account the patient’s age, scoliosis may become progressive, which can lead to increasing pain, deformity, and in some instances can create issues with lungs and the heart (severe scoliosis).

Many patients will not need surgery and can benefit from a scoliosis treatment option that is less invasive. Dr. Stieber will carefully review the results of the patient’s x-rays, physical examination, and advanced imaging studies such as MRI or CT scans when strategically planning any scoliosis treatment or surgical plan.

Scoliosis Treatment

About Scoliosis Surgery

The main goal of scoliosis surgery is to stop the curve from progressing and (getting worse) and stabilize the spine. Another goal of the surgery is to correct the deformity. This surgery is done under general anesthesia. The skin area(s) is prepared and cleaned and we check the nerve function and spinal cord throughout the procedure with a specialized computer monitoring system to prevent any injury. A type of spinal navigation system called Fluoroscopy is done throughout the surgery, this allows Dr. Stieber to view the anatomy of the patient in real-time. Scoliosis surgery may also employ a state-of-the-art spine robot to assist with surgery for greater precision.

Scoliosis Treatment

This scoliosis surgery in New York can be performed from the front (anterior), back (posterior), or side – between the ribs (thoracoscopic) and could result in removing one or more discs (discectomy) or cutting bone (osteotomy). Dr. Stieber is an active member of the Scoliosis Research Society, this allows him to utilize cutting-edge and minimally-invasive techniques to achieve improved spinal alignment and correct the deformity.

Between the upper and lower vertebral bodies and around the instrumentation we insert a bone graft into any empty space. Spinal instrumentation such as screws and rods are implanted to fix the spine in place. New bone grows around and into the instrumentation as part of the natural and incredible healing processes of the body, this results in spinal fusion.

Post-operative x-rays are performed to ensure curve correction and that all spinal implants are optimally positioned. The incision is closed with a plastic surgical-type closure and a sterile dressing is applied.

What Types of Bone Graft Are Available?

  • Autograft is the patient’s own bone. Autograft may be bone that is recycled from the patient’s spine during the procedure or in a separate procedure where the bone is taken from the patient’s hip.
  • Allograft is donor bone from a bone bank.
  • Bone graft substitute; there are different types, some of which are synthetic (man-made) and accessible in different shapes.

What Is the Recovery Like?

The first couple of weeks following scoliosis surgery the patient will require some assistance with daily tasks. The following movements are not permitted during the initial recovery period:

  • Any heavy lifting
  • Twisting the spine
  • Bending at the back
Scoliosis Treatment

The healing process may be affected and delayed by these activities. Dr. Stieber may prescribe a back brace to protect the area until the patient has fully recovered. The patient can return to Dr. Stieber NYC office after approximately two weeks, for a follow-up appointment. During that visit, he will inspect the incision site, assess the patient’s progress, and provide a personalized plan so you can resume work, school, or other activities.

Why Choose Dr. Stieber for Dealing With Back Pain?

Dr. Jonathan Stieber is a board-certified, Fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon in NYC who delivers life-saving results for his patients. He goes above and beyond to ensure that each patient experiences an elevation in their quality of life with enhanced mobility and peace of mind. Dr. Stieber is an Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the internationally respected NYU School of Medicine and is the Director of the world-class Spine Center at OrthoManhattan. He was listed as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor for 2022 and a New York Magazine Best Doctor for 2021.

Scoliosis Treatment

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