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The M6-C artificial cervical device is an innovative treatment option for patients diagnosed with Cervical Disc Herniation, Cervical Disc Degeneration, or Degenerative Disc Disease. The M6-C is among the newest most artificial cervical disc designs. The technically advanced novel construction consists of an artificial outer ring of strong movable fiber that mimics the native annulus fibrosus; an artificial central elastic nucleus that emulates the nucleus pulposus, and two interconnected titanium plates that hold the disc together. Together, the combination recreates the natural controlled range of motion of a physical cervical disc.

  • Cervical Disc Degeneration describes changes in the spine and adjacent areas that result from either age or injury and which limits the spine’s movement and stability.
  • Cervical Intervertebral Discs are shock-absorbing pillows located between each of the spine’s vertebrae that help maintain their proper spacing, stability and motion.
  • Annulus Fibrosus are tire-like outer bands of the spinal disc. These surround a central gel-like substance in each cervical disc.
  • Nucleus Pulposus is the soft gel-like center of spinal discs.
Orthofix M6-C Artificial Cervical Disc

Benefits of M6-C Cervical Disc Disc Replacement

The M6-C artificial cervical disc is a new option for certain patients in need of disc replacement. Its complex structure closely parallels an actual cervical disc to allow a patient’s neck to return to near natural mobility. Unlike cervical fusion, which fuses two vertebrae together and thus restricting mobility, the M6-C will allow the neck to move backward and forward, side to side, rotate right and left, and move up and down. It is the only artificial cervical disc with a gel-like nucleus and a fiber outer ring that replicate the range of motion and provide the shock absorbency of a natural disc.

The M6-C can be an excellent treatment option for patients afflicted with cervical radiculopathy and cervical myelopathy. Compared in clinical trials to ACDF, the results were significantly better in all but two out of 15 of metrics compared.

Orthofix M6-C Artificial Cervical Disc
Orthofix M6-C Artificial Cervical Disc


  • Titanium endplates of the M6-C anchor it to neighboring vertebrae to provide long-term stability.
  • An artificial nucleus is composed of an elastic that holds its shape while allowing cushioning and an increased range of motion.
  • An artificial outer ring is composed of a movable fiber
  • The outer ring and the cushioning nucleus work together to replicate the range of movement and cushioning of a natural disc.


As with ACDF, the surgical procedure required for installation of the M6-C is an involved and exacting procedure to be performed by a well-qualified and experienced surgeon. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. An approximately one inch incision is placed in the front of the neck, through which the spine will be accessed for the removal of the injured, diseased or degenerated disc; and for the secure placement of the brand new M6-C. The small incision is then closed with a plastic surgery-type skin closure. The surgery is followed by a period of healing and recovery whereupon one can return to their normal work, familial and recreational activities. Patients will be carefully guided through all points of post procedural care by our dedicated, experienced spine team.

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