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Prodisc-C is an advanced total disc replacement device that is transforming the field of cervical spinal surgery. Prodisc-C produces superior balance and motion in the neck when compared to traditional fusion surgery. This thoroughly tested technology has improved return-to-normal recovery times and reduces the adjacent level degeneration that can occur with post-fusion procedures. Everyone deserves a physical comeback. Prodisc-C is a revolutionary device produces a far superior outcome in cervical disc replacement surgery.

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What is the cause of chronic neck pain?

When neck pain becomes more than just an occasional pain and becomes a lifestyle or mobility issue, it may be caused by the degeneration of a disc between two of the seven vertebrae in your neck. The condition may be a result of the wear and tear that comes with age or related to a neck injury. Genetic predisposition can make some people more likely to develop the condition.


Cervical disc degeneration

Discs are made of woven cartilage strands surrounding an inner gel-like center. As the body ages, the water content in the disc can diminish by 20% or more, with the cushioning effect reducing, causing increased contact and wear. When the cervical discs degenerate, they are less able to absorb the vibration or shock between your vertebrae caused by normal motion. Eventually, the disc wears to the point that it loses the height it needs to keep the vertebrae separated as they should be, leading to undue pressure on the nerves that run down the outside of the vertebrae. This will often cause pain or numbness in the arms and neck and interfere with mobility.

Neck Xray
Prodisc-C Forces

What are the benefits of Prodisc-C?

  • Well-studied in clinical conditions with actual patients to maintain stable spinal balance and motion.
  • Tests indicate it creates less stress on adjacent levels than spinal fusion, with 3.5 times less wear over five years.
  • More rapid return to usual activities than with traditional fusion procedures.
  • In clinical use since 1990.
  • Improved spinal stability with a fixed center of rotation for more natural motion.
  • Long term fixation due to ease of adoption by boney on-growth after installation.
  • Validated with over 125,000 surgeries and a remarkable reoperation rate of less than 1%
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ProDisc-C in athletes and the news:

Six-time PGA Tour Winner, Rory Sabbatini, and four-time PGA Tour Winner, Brian Gay have both returned to professional golf and the PGA Tour having undergone cervical total disc replacement surgery with ProDisc-C. Along with Tiger Woods’s surgery treating his low back, there are three PGA tour professionals who have been treated with Centinel Spine's technology.

Am I a candidate for Prodisc-C total disc replacement?

Prodisc-C is intended as a therapy to reduce the pain of cervical disc degeneration. Dr. Stieber will determine if you are a candidate after a thorough examination. If you meet these criteria, you may be a candidate for this advanced procedure:

  • You require only a one or two level disc replaced. Prodisc-C is not designed for multiple cervical disc replacements.
  • You are over 22 years old.
  • You have suffered neck or arm pain for a minimum of six weeks.
  • Your neck comfort has not responded to physical therapy, medications or other non-surgical treatments.
  • You do not have an infection in the spine or surrounding areas.
  • You do not have osteoporosis or osteopenia or severe degeneration of the bones at the neck.
  • Your neck is not generally unstable or abnormally weak.
  • You are not allergic to the metals and other materials that the Prodisc-C device is composed of.
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Why choose Dr. Stieber for your neck surgery?

Dr. Stieber is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and is one of the top spine surgeons in NYC. He has been named as a Castle Connolly Top Doc for 2020 and has been performing the ProDisc-C procedure since 2006 when NYU was a major site for the original FDA trial for the device.

This is important because while the procedure has proven to be very safe, the surgery requires experience and skill to achieve optimal results from the device. Dr. Stieber specializes in advanced back and spine surgery. You can expect the highest level of personal care and the most minimally invasive treatment available.

Dr. Stieber knows specifically how to examine you for this procedure. Your medical history, current physical health, the condition of your bones and many more points must be accurately interpreted for best results. His patients have bestowed praise and gratitude on the doctor for "changing my life" after surgery and for being "the gold standard in today's medicine" after correcting surgeries performed by another surgeon that produced an unsatisfactory result. If you suffer from ongoing neck pain, you need an accurate diagnosis, and access to the most advanced treatment options. Dr. Stieber offers a range of treatments, including Prodisc-C to help his patients live happier, pain-free lives.

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