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Select patients who are at risk of recurrent disc herniation in the spine are now able to receive the Barricaid annular closure device when undergoing a discectomy with Dr. Jonathan R. Stieber, MD. The Barricaid Annular Closing device has been available for many years in Europe and is now FDA-approved. The device has been proven to decrease the risk of re-herniation or disc collapse in certain patients undergoing microdiscectomy.

Barricaid Annular Closing Device History

The Barricaid Annular Closure Device has over eight years of clinical experience and has been proven to be associated with a reduction in re-herniation. In a randomized study of 550 patients, some receiving the Barricaid Annular Closing Device and others lumbar microdisectomy without this added device, the Barricaid Annular Closing Device proved to be superior starting in the early postoperative period and continuing through two-year follow up.

About the Barricaid Annular Closing Device for Recurrent Disc Herniation

Recurrent disc herniation is a common disease process that can occur in 10 to 15 percent of patients who have undergone primary lumbar disc surgery. During a microdiscectomy, up to 15 percent of the disc will be removed, leaving 85 percent of the natural structure to handle the same stresses of motion. This can leave the area of the spine more vulnerable to recurrent herniation.

Patients are particularly vulnerable to re-herniation within six weeks after a microdiscectomy, but a recurrent herniation can occur decades later. Those with a higher risk of recurrent herniation are those with tall discs or a large annular hole or defect. The Barricaid Annular Closing device helps minimize this vulnerability by blocking the hole in the annulus and attaching it directly to the adjacent vertebrae.

Barricaid Annular Closing Device Surgery Recovery

The Barricaid Annular Closing Device may be placed by Dr. Stieber during your microdiscectomy to help prevent a recurrence of disc herniation.

Microdiscectomy with our without Barricaid is generally performed as an outpatient procedure. Some postoperative activity modification is recommended during the early healing process. Patients are routinely able to return to office-type work within a week.

Dr. Jonathan R. Stieber is an acclaimed, board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon in NYC, who has been collaborating on the research into this groundbreaking surgical technique and offers this option to patients suffering from a painful herniated disc, requiring surgery to restore function and quality of life.

Dr. Stieber provides everything necessary for a speedy recovery including any aftercare instructions and helpful exercises. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled as appropriate, and Dr. Stieber will be available to answer any questions or concerns regarding the placement of the Barricaid Annular Closure Device when performing a microdiscectomy.

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