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What are nerve block injections?

Your body is covered in nerves, and this delicate system can be easily impacted by an injury or other trauma. A nerve block is an injection of medication near a nerve or bundle of nerves. The medication temporarily numbs the area, providing relief from pain caused by that nerve. They can be used:

  • To treat existing pain
  • To diagnose existing conditions by locating the source of the problem
  • In order to determine if surgery or other pain management techniques are necessary

Dr. Bakshi most commonly uses nerve blocks to treat pain in different areas of the body, thought he works closely with each patient to create a unique treatment plan.

What can a nerve block be used for?

Nerve blocks are very versatile and they can be used to mitigate pain in many areas of the body. They are commonly used for:

  • Lower back pain
  • Joint pain, including after a knee replacement or similar procedure
  • Pain related to certain medical conditions or diseases like cancer, arthritis, shingles, herniated disks, facet mediated pain, headaches, etc.
  • Phantom pains following an amputation

What can I expect during nerve block injections?

A nerve block only takes a few minutes to perform. It will be done in a procedure room under sterile conditions with the aid of x-ray. You will be given an anesthetic near the injection site to make you more comfortable. The injections will be administered, guided by an X-ray or other imaging device for accuracy. You may have more than one injection based on the location and level of pain, but the entire visit should take less than an hour to complete.

How long does it take to recover?

Nerve blocks involve little to no recovery time, and you should be up and walking comfortably immediately following the procedure. In fact, you should begin to feel relief of pain even before you leave our clinic. You will need a friend or family member to drive you back to your home. You may notice some soreness near the injection site as the anesthesia wears off, easily controlled with over-the-counter pain medication. You will be able to resume most activities the following day, including work and exercise.

Why is Dr. Bakshi the best resource for nerve block injections?

Dr. Sanjay Bakshi has deep compassion for those who are suffering the impact of chronic pain for months or even years. He is dedicated to bringing minimally-invasive pain management tools to his patients. He is a published author, educator, and experienced professional regarding pain management. If you want the best pain relief that New York has to offer, turn to Dr. Bakshi for unmatched patient care and safe, effective treatments at OrthoManhattan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the pain relief last?

Pain relief will begin immediately following a diagnostic nerve block. The nerve block typically lasts for a few hours to a few days. Depending on your level of pain and other factors, some nerve blocks last longer. After that, you will begin to regain sensation in the area gradually.

How often should I receive nerve block injections?

Dr. Bakshi will review your medical history and determine the best course of action for long-term pain relief.

Are nerve block injections safe?

Nerve blocks are very safe, though they do carry risks. You may experience mild side effects including bruising, tenderness, or numbness. Before the numbness wears off, you should be careful to avoid injuring yourself accidentally. We will also help you determine any other risks or side effects based on your medical history and other factors.

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